What is Line-of-Sight™?

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Line-of-Sight™ is a unique, simple tool created by Prana Business LLC.  We are a Certified Partner with Prana Business, a recognized leader in producing innovative, easy-to-use strategic tools for business.

When you engage Prism Perspectives Group, you’re partnering with a seasoned consultant who will help you to use and gain the full value of the Line-of-Sight™ tool.  We combine our uncommon consulting tools and over 25 years of experience to support you in identifying opportunities to better align your organization — your people, processes and activities — with your strategy.  We are your partner from pre-assessment to implementation to follow-up re-assessment and beyond.

Create a sightline between your people and your strategy.

Line-of-Sight™ is a cloud-based software suite of business assessments, leadership reports, and training materials based on real-world empirical research and in-depth consulting experience that spans two decades.

Why does alignment matter?

Alignment is the cornerstone of strategy execution and a company’s ability to return capital to shareholders.



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