We Are Unique Management Partners

Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

“Nearly Two-Thirds of CEOs Do Not Receive Outside Leadership Advice – But Nearly All Want It. “Lonely at the top” resonates for most CEOs.”

This quote summarizes the findings of a survey conducted by the Center for Leadership Development and Research at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, and The Miles Group. You can read their article at: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/cldr/research/surveys/coaching.html

Not only are most CEOs (or senior managers) not receiving the benefits of feedback and brainstorming that a consultant can provide, but nearly half of senior executives are not engaging in this type of partnership, either.

While most executives stated that they enjoy the process and find value in it, they are operating without the feedback, collaborative problem solving and advice of a third party professional.

Our consulting model is one of partnership, collaboration, and feedback. Focusing on organization-wide strategic performance, we partner with executives to identify gaps in strategic alignment and we partner to drive change. Change generally includes organization structure, the use of the strategy to guide decision making, priorities, and behavior throughout the organization, and interpersonal communication. When you engage us to assess and strengthen strategic performance we become your partner.  Our unique consulting approach includes the following 5 key actions:

1.  Pre-Assess:  the first step in any project is to gather and analyze information about the organization and its needs.  We use simple, non-intrusive assessment tools that generate the right information for the project.

2.  Collaborate:  the next step is to review our assessment results and analysis with you.  We provide tailored, customized recommendations for your organization and we facilitate discussions to assist you in making choices of alternative solutions.

3.  Execute:  We remain your partner through the implementation of related changes and activities.

4.  Measure:  We return at an appropriate time, usually 6-12 months following solution implementation, to assess the results and progress made.

5.  Follow-Up:  We check in with you periodically.  We’re your partner, easily accessible to you, into the future.


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