Our Story

I’m Rosanna Nadeau, the Principal/Consultant with Prism Perspectives Group.  This is a story about our history that tells how we evolved to provide the services we provide today.

In 1992, with 10+ years’ Human Resources experience, I left Digital Equipment Corporation during the company’s protracted period of downsizing.  I volunteered for layoff, with a plan to start my own H.R. Consulting business.

My first assignment was with a new manufacturing company, Triangle Wire & Cable.  It was an exciting opportunity to work with a brand new executive team formed upon an investor group’s acquisition of 6 wire and cable companies located across the USA.  My initial project was a training assignment, which quickly grew to include much more.  Soon, I was helping them to establish the 5-year vision for the organization and to build and implement a plan to integrate systems and processes and to develop projects that would accomplish the integration while building spirit and teamwork among the corporate employees.

These executives were a great group of people — knowledgeable, collaborative, and dedicated, aiming to make a difference.  I supported and facilitated their creation of several critical projects focused across functions, to be led by these individuals and staffed by employees at all levels. I helped them to create and deliver face-to-face group communications to share the vision this team developed for the organization and its culture, as well as to introduce and launch critical, high priority projects they identified, through a series of multi-media, interactive Business Discussions designed for this purpose.  The response from employees was quick, drawing widespread interest that fueled their meaningful involvement while stitching together bonds between people that enabled them to accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time.

The teams had begun building momentum, when the union at a nearby plant declared intentions to strike when the union contract next came up for renegotiation, in less than 9 months.  A strike at this point in the new company’s development could have been a death knell for the fledgling organization.  The Vice President of Human Resources assigned to me the critical project to identify and resolve the issues, to help management to prevent the strike.

I put together a plan and got buy-in from senior management.  The core of the project plan was my conducting confidential one-on-ones with all 500 plant employees.  This would be successful only if the union supported it.  I met with the union leadership and explained what I wanted to do and why:  to identify the issues, by listening to the employees, ensuring each employee had the opportunity to express concerns in an interactive way that would ensure employee confidentiality, while enabling management to develop a plan for action on issues that had widespread impact.  I asked for their help in encouraging people to meet with me, privately and discreetly during their work hours, for 10-30 minutes as needed.  I explained that my goal was 100% participation.  They agreed. And, they very visibly, positively delivered that support.

With the help of the union we achieved 100% participation and within 75 days I’d met with 500 employees in a 24×7 manufacturing operation, surfacing detailed information that spot-lighted root causes — a powerful tool for problem resolution.  I presented the information to management, who received it constructively, with a strong desire to drive the kind of change needed — and then I shared the survey results with the workforce, who were grateful to see their feedback accurately presented slide after slide.  The managers sincerely thanked the employees and shared their plans for change.  We had set a direction with the support of the workforce and then over several months moved down that path.

The union contract came up for renewal while the organization was deep into the change process, having made structural changes and made great progress replacing previous management and leadership practices with more engaging and participative ones that were re-shaping the culture  — and the union contract negotiations were a success: there was no strike.

This was the work experience that set my course for the future.  I realized I’d helped to make a great impact, that positively changed people’s work-lives and significantly improved organizational performance results.  I knew then that this was what I wanted to do going forward.

Prism Perspectives Group was formed to make a difference, helping businesses to heighten their success while also creating work environments where people engage and thrive.  Not all organizations are in the same situation as was Triangle Wire & Cable, so our focus is on 3 areas of specialty that can make the kind of difference that fits any client’s business needs.  The 3 specialties are:

  1. Custom training and development to build and strengthen leadership and management skills and practices as well as to build teamwork across functions and groups.
  2. Human Resources support in employee relations, recruitment, rewards and recognition, compensation and incentives, performance management, and more.
  3. Organization assessments to measure engagement and to assess organizational capability to execute the business strategy.

Our services continue through the implementation of changes, and include follow-up activities into the future to help managers to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization and to and drive and sustain change going forward.

For information, contact us:

Email:  Rosanna@PrismPerspectivesGroup.com

Phone:  603-878-1546