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1. Intellectual Capital is now the leading asset class in valuation of businesses

2. Video:  Insights from our Assessments

3. Dan DiMicco: Why ‘American Made’ is the Answer, Industry Week

4. Unconventional Leadership Lessons From A Nuclear Submarine Captain

and 5th:



Power to the workers:  How grocery chain employees saved beloved CEO, by Alana Semuels, L.A. Times

Link – Infographic – Making it in America – by Manufacturing Innovation Blog

Videos and Articles Selected April 15, 2015 – October 15, 2015

What’s Happening Now at Toyota, Indiana

To Create An Innovation Company: Focus On Culture Instead Of Cash, by Ron Ashkenas,

Management Tip: Expect Excellence, by Victor Lipman,


Videos and Articles Selected March 15 – April 14, 2015

Playing To Win: What Every Leader Can Learn From The Kentucky Wildcats, by Jason Selk,

The hardest part of outsourcing is reversing it, by Patricia Moody,

Why You Should Lead Outside In Instead Of Inside Out, by George Bradt,

Jet Engine That Supercharged Aviation Now Powering World’s Fastest Ship,

Leadership Credibility: 10 Qualities Every Employee Looks For in a Leader, by Adam Heitzman,

7 Ways to Improve Your Team’s Communication, by Paul Schoemaker,

Energizing your people is more than getting out the way – video with 5 great tips from

Truly Human Leadership – Putting People Before Numbers, by Jacob Morgan,

Lawmakers Hope To Designate, Fund ‘Manufacturing Universities’,

How Delta Uses Anticipatory Customer Service Technology To Make Flying Less Miserable, by Micah Solomon,

Molly Kerr: Cost-cutting with no regrets – Bain video – Bain & Company.

Power to the new people analytics, McKinsey

CFO: Steward of the Supply Chain, by Jeff Thomson,

Culture: Why It’s The Hottest Topic In Business Today, by Josh Bersin,

Are You Boring Employees Into Leaving? By Becky Morgan,

World’s Most Admired Companies 2015,

100 Best Companies to Work For 2015, 

How To Embrace The New Relationship Economy,

BlackBerry Uses IBM Software to Make Samsung Tablets Spy-Proof, by Cornelius Rahn,


Videos and Articles Selected February 15 – March 14, 2015

Are You Caught in the Cost-Cutting Death Spiral?  By John Dyer,

Nucor’s Steely Resolve for Long-Term Success, by Steve Minter,

Nine Steps To Leading Breakthrough Change by Shellie Karabell,

Why Brooks Brothers And Other Apparel Companies Are Moving Manufacturing Back Home – by CIT Voice in

Thinking About Gamifying Your Workplace? Think Again, by Jeff Haden, 
Find the Gap: How Jack Ma and Elon Musk See What Others Miss, by Amy Wilkinson, LinkedIn

Alan Mulally Or Jack Welch: What Type Of Leader Do You Want To Be? -by  Bryce Hoffman,

Google, Mattel team up to give the iconic View-Master a makeover, by Christina Austin,

What Actually Makes People Trust You, by Art Markman,

30 Under 30 Reinventing Manufacturing In A Greener, Tech-Savvier World – by Alex Knapp, Forbes

The Changing Face of Manufacturing: How US Manufacturers are Looking Homeward, by Adam Robinson,

How Americas’ Top CEOs Motivate Their Employees — And Get Results, 

Artie T. to Market Basket Workers: “I Love You All”, by Allison Sonfist, LA Times

America’s Advanced Industries: New Challenges for a New Manufacturing, by Travis Hessman,

3 Keys to Improved Communication in Your Plant, by Jason Platt,

Bringing it Back Home: How the Rebound in US Manufacturing is Reshaping Business, by John Moffatt,

You’re Rebranding. Should You Change Your Company Culture? In

Report: Reshoring To Boost Industrial Construction In 2015, by Andy Szal,

The Common Sense of Reshoring by Harry Moser and Sandy Montalbano,

How an American Sock Manufacturer Battled Its Way Back from Bankruptcy to Growth,  by  Patricia Moody,

BASF introduces biobased PolyTHF for large-scale testing by selected partners,  by Karen Laird, Plastics Today

Energize Employees Through Principles, Not Exhaustive Rules,

Making America Great: Snapshots Across Manufacturing,

15 Books For Creative Leaders To Read In 2015, by David Slocum,

Intellectual Capital is now the leading asset class in valuation of businesses

Visionary CEOs and Their Key Traits That Every Leader Should Master, by Chuck Cohn,

Behind The Scenes Of The World’s Most Transparent Company, by Jacob Morgan, Forbes

Video:  Insights from our Assessments

Hall of Fame Coach Bob Hurley: Demanding Greatness and Getting Results

Articles selected January 15 – February 14, 2015

J. C. Penney’s Comeback — Is It For Real? by Panos Mourdoukoutas,

The Reason Why Google Glass, Amazon Fire Phone and Segway All Failed, by Adam Hartung,

Assembly Plant of the Year: STIHL Stays a Cut Above the Competition, by Austin Weber, assemblymagcom

The Question That Improves Leader Effectiveness, by Jack Zenger,

Ocean Tomo on company valuation

Manage Executive Onboarding Risk With Three Key Questions, by George Bradt,

Lessons Learned From Coach Dean Smith, by Jerry Barca,

How Coca-Cola Turned Its Ship Around – And How Your Company Can, Too, by Andrew Cave,

The Truth About Sunk Costs, by Seth Godin

Rebirth of an industry, by Michael McCord,

Why Communication Is Today’s Most Important Skill – Forbes

Build A Superior Customer Service Experience By Consulting The Customers It Affects – Forbes

Salesforce CEO Slams ‘The World’s Dumbest Idea’: Maximizing Shareholder Value,  by Steve Denning,

A Better Way to Measure Employee Success, by James Kerr,

Memo to the CEO:  We need some clarity on ambiguity, by Alistair Dryburgh,

 What VUCA Really Means For You, by Nathan Bennett and G. James Lemoine,

Malcolm Gladwell: Don’t Hire for Talent, by Graham Winfrey,

How Brands Create Catalyst Moments, by Jill Krasny,

Manage Your Employees’ Attention, Not Their Time, by Will Yakowicz on

How to Persuade Your Employees During a Crisis, by Will Yakowicz

How Flower Muse Is Fixing Everything You Hate About Flower Delivery, by Kristen Philipkoski on

Why Do Managers Hate Agile? By Steve Denning on

Reebok Reveals Massive ‘Be More Human’ Brand Campaign, by Darren Heitner in

Are You Seen as a Jerk at Work? A New Study Reveals That Many People Are Oblivious to How They Come Across to Counterparts and Colleagues

Why Metrics Drive Mediocrity, by Lisa Earle McLeod in

Admire Elon Musk All You Want, But Please Don’t Manage Like Him, by Rick Wartzman on 

4 Stories great Leaders Tell To Engage Their People, by David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom in

The 9 Most Frustrating Facts About Office Politics, by Bonnie Marcus on

5 Sweeping  Technologies Rapidly Changing Paradigms & Execution of Manufacturing Processes, by Adam Robinson

Target to Shutter all Stores in Canada, by Hadley Malcolm and Bruce Horovitz in USA Today

5 Ways to Put Your Team in a Winning Mood, by Geoffrey James on

Articles selected January 1 – 14, 2015

3 Ways Successful Leaders Deliver Value, by Rhett Power on

How Mario Cuomo’s 1984 Speech Electrified His Audience, by Carmine Gallo on

5 Presentation Tips From CEO Keynotes At CES, by Carmine Gallo on

A Dark Side to the Drop in the Jobless Rate, by Peter Coy, Bloomberg Businessweek

How To Win The War For Talent in 2015, by George Bradt in

SMART Goals Can Sometimes Be Dumb, by Mark Murphy in

Robin Hood’s 3 Leadership Lessons, by Geoff Loftus on

NH’s Best Companies to Work For

5 Steps For Turning Customer Input Into Innovation, by Anthony W. Ulwick on

Glassdoor Raises $70 Million From Google Capital Led Investors, by Zoe Henry on

Stephen Dubner:  The Best Decisions Come From Data, Not Intuitions, by Laura Montini in

4 Leadership Competencies You Must Know, by Jeff Boss on

Embrace a New Leadership Mindset by Embracing 8 Critical Realities, by Glenn Llopis on

Why Your Boss Lacks Emotional Intelligence, by Travis Bradberry on

Going the Distance:   How improving Your Health Helps Improve Your Bottom Line, by Jake Gibson in

How to Bring Out the Leader in Every Employee, by Anese Cavanagh on – video

Using the 6 Clinically Proven Principles of Persuasion, by Bill Carmody on

The Importance of Being Different, by Wes Cambron on LinkedIn

6 Ways To Become A Best Company To Work For, by Jeff Haden on




Articles selected November 22-December 31, 2014

Five Wishes Every CEO Wants For The New Year, by Mike Maddock in

6 Ways to Develop a More Positive Work Culture in 2015, by Jeremy Goldman in

16 Tips for Getting 90 Percent of Your Work Done Before Lunch, by Neil Patel in

7 Unique Brainstorming Techniques, by Matthew Deluca on

4 Mental Skills Every Business Leader Needs, by Minda Zetlin on

8 Steps To Reverse A Negative Culture, by Ilan Mochari on

How to Help Your Team Achieve More Than They Think They Can, by Minda Zetlin on

Sony Pulls A Big Win From The Jaws Of Disaster, by Roger Kay

10 Industry Leaders Share Their Best Lessons From 2014, by Stephanie Vozza on

Why Successful People Need Hobbies, by Marla Tabaka on

Creating Manufacturing Jobs – The 5 Critical Factors, by Mike Collins in

Startup Best Practices #9: Structuring One on Ones to Maximize Your Team’s Success, by Tomasz Tunguz

8 Customer Service, HR and Leadership Secrets From The 5-Star Broadmoor Hotel, by Micah Solomon in

3 Things All Leaders Must Do Before The New Year, by Christine Comaford in

Harley-Davidson’s Success Story In The U.S., by Trefis Team on

BlackBerry Unveils Revenue Drop After Launching ‘Classic’ Phone, by Parmy Olson on

American Apparel: A Case Study In CEO Transition, by Richard Levick on

10 Tips and Quotes From the Best Leadership Books of the Year, by John Brandon in

Return On Self-Awareness: Research Validates The Bottom Line Of Leadership Development, by Kevin Cashman on

Undoing Detroit:  Cadillac Yanks Ad Account From MoTown Agency, by Dale Buss on

Fixing Customer Service, Inspired By 2 Airlines (And Grandpa’s Butcher), by George Anders on

3 Roadblocks To Organizational Adaptability (And How To Break Through Them), by Jeff Boss on

How To End the Tax Extender Drama: Stop Calling Them Extenders — And Make Congress Pay For Them, by Howard Gleckman,

The Biggest CEO Departures of 2014, by Susan Adams in

13 Critical Leadership Tips That Lead To Fast Growth, by Drew Greenblatt on

UK Retail Banks Will Take A Decade To Change Culture, by Karen Higginbottom in

From Bottom To Top: Turning Around The Top Team, in McKinsey Quarterly

Articles selected October 30-November 21, 2014

How Today Show Boss Jamie Horowitz Stepped On One of the Three Classic Onboarding Landmines, by George Bradt,

Build Customer Loyalty During The Holidays: 5 Tips, by Geoffrey James on

J.C. Penney: Where Is the Hype? By Panos Mourdoukoutas

Pizza Hut – How Lock-In Causes Growth Stalls, Irrelevancy and Bad Results, by Adam Hartung on

New Study Answers: What Motivates Employees To ‘Go The Extra Mile?’ by Victor Lipman on

Three Fatal Flaws in Twitter’s Strategy, by Peter Cohan, in

Wal-Mart Same-Store-Sales Grow For The First Time In 7 Quarters, by Maggie McGrath in

There’s One Important Metric Missing in The Annual Report, by Reuven Gorsht in

Why Monster is Failing and Others Will Follow, by Lisa Earle McLeod in

Millennials Will Become The Majority In The Workforce In 2015. Is Your Company Ready? In

Companies That Care About Climate Change Make More Money, in

Parker Hannifin Announces Same Day Turnaround Via Custom Manufacturing Operation in

World Trade Center Reopens For Business, by Verena Dobnik, in

7 Ways to Be the Boss Everyone Loves to Work For by Paul B. Brown on

By The Numbers: Superior Leadership Produces Higher Return Than Superior Talent, by Jack Zenger on

Executive Confidence Hurt by Lack of Leadership Development, by Josh Bersin, on

Articles selected October 22-October 29, 2014

Why you Shouldn’t Treat All Employees The Same, by Susan Reilly Salgado in

5 Things to Know About US Economic Growth by Christopher Rugaber in

While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened to Solar, by Tom Randall in Bloomberg

World’s Biggest Market Crashes and You Didn’t Even Know It, by Tom Randall in Bloomberg


Articles selected September 20-October 21, 2014

U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Hit Two-and-a-Half Year High in September, But Europe Stalls, by Paul Tate in Manufacturing Leadership

In Praise of the “Great Idea” Cooling Off Period, by Art Markman,

Has Southwest Airlines Flown Off Course? The Paradox Of Disruption And Direction, by Trish Gorman,

Engage Your Employees or Lose Billions, by Nicole Alvino,

Articles selected August 20-September 19, 2014

This ultra-short video is a value adder! The Psychological Benefits of Saying Thank You, on

Four Signs Your Relationships Are Failing, by Dr. Travis Bradberry on LinkedIn

Business Index’s Pace of Growth Accelerates, by Steve Kline, Jr. in Modern Machine Shop

The Coach Behind The Longest Winning Streak In Sports History Shows How To Build A Champion Business Team, by Carmine Gallo in Forbes

6 Ways Leaders Unknowingly Undervalue Their Employees, by Glenn Llopis in Forbes

Templates And Hints For The Perfect Email For Almost Every Situation, by Kevan Lee in Fast Company

The abrasiveness trap: High-achieving men and women are described differently in reviews, by Kieran Snyder in Fortune

Articles selected July 19-August 19, 2014:

First Know Yourself, Then Your Team, by By Manfred Kets de Vries in

Arthur T. Demoulas CEO

This Entrepreneur Raised $2 million With A 5-Slide Presentation About Nothing, by Ilya Posin in

Why You Have To Be A Politician At Your Job, by Jean Leslie on

Why Implementation Mattters, by McKinsey

5 Tips for closing the skills gap from PayScales

10 Things You’re Doing at Work That Say “I Don’t Care”, by Stephanie Vozza in Fast Company

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy and Michael Tracy on

9 Ways You Are Destroying Your Team, by Lawrence Polsky on LinkedIn

How to Go From a Product Company to a ‘Solution’ Company, by Samuel B. Bacharach on

Why American Manufacturing Is Vital To Future Prosperity, by Hillary Schaub and Darrell M. West, Brookings on

Manufacturing Calculator To Show Immediate Value In Reducing Costs, Improving Efficiencies, by Aptean on

4 Ways To Help Your Employees Make Your Company Great by Erik Sherman,

End Abusive Behavior On Your Team, on

Articles selected June 15 to July 18, 2014:

6 Powerful Ways To Connect With Really Important People, by Peter Economy on

Find The Soul Of Your Wellness Program, by Charlie Estey in

Manufacturing Metrics That Matter Most – A Comprehensive Checklist, by Pat Hennel on

We Should All Thank  Comcast For Teaching The Importance of Culture, by Geoff Schaadt on LinkedIn

20 Million More Americans Have Health Insurance Due To ACA per Medical Industry Experts

2014 IW US 500: Top 10 US Manufacturing Hubs [SLIDESHOW], Industry

Preparing to Make Big-Ticket Investments, McKinsey

How To Create An Onboarding Drip Campaign – A Pardot Case Study

The PayScale Index Survey

11 Mistakes You Make At Work Every.Single.Day, by Rebecca Hiscott,

Why Employers Need ADA-Compliant Policies, by Michael Giardina at

5 Lessons Every Start-up Should Learn From The German Football Team, by Morad Jarra on LinkedIn

Articles selected June 1 to June 25, 2014: 

U.S. Manufacturing To Hit 4-Year High in June: China and Japan Return to Growth, by Paul Tate in Manufacturing

Do You REALLY Appreciate Your Employees, by Barbara Purdom, LinkedIn

The Secret To Creativity, Intelligence and Scientific Thinking, by Belle Beth Cooper, Fast Company

The Seven Start-Up Metrics You Must Track, by David Ehrenberg,

Think Leadership Is Logical?  Think Again.  By Carol Kinsey Goman,

Leadership Styles,

Hurray For EPA Carbon Rules, by James Conca,

How Target Built A Brand Story That Benefits Employees, Customers, And Community, by Simon Mainwaring,

Why Hierarchy Is Outdated: The (Long Overdue) Need For Organizational Adaptability, by Jeff Boss,

Massachusetts Lawmakers Consider Non-Compete Ban, by Michael Giardina in EBN

Articles selected in May, 2014:

Companies Choose Profits Over Productivity, by Matthew Philips and Peter Coy on Bloomberg Business Week

Why You Must Absolutely Nix Your Inner Circle, by Les McKeown on

10 Things Your Employees Need To Hear From You, by Geoffrey James on

Thomas Edison’s Reaction To His Factory Burning Down Shows Why He Was So Successful, by Richard Feloni in Business Insider.

Infographic on managing change by Torben Rick

The One Grand Leadership Illusion That Sinks Organizations and Performance, by Denise Corcoran on The Empowered Business

Learn How Better Leadership Will Overcome Resistance To Change, on Financenk

5 Things Great Leaders Never Do, by Richard Feloni on

Learning From a Rocky Re-Shoring Experience, by Jeff Moad in

Five Things You Need To Do To Drive Continuous Improvement, by Jim Gitney,

Need an Attitude of Adjustment?  Here’s How to Get One, by Donna Labermeier on the Huffington Post

Virtual CHRO: 4 Steps to Shaping Organizational Culture, by Tresha Moreland on

Quantifying Lean Benefits:  5 Steps To Better Process-Cost Understanding, by Jason Piatt on Industry Week.

5 Levels of Collaboration in Manufacturing, An Executive Brief, at 

World’s Simplest Way To Be More Creative, by Jessica Stillman on

3 Ways To Supercharge Your Onboarding Process by Maya Townsend,

Six Differences Between Customer-Focused Companies and Operations-Focused Companies, on

Customer Service Need For Speed -Industry Impact Study, Forbes


Watch The Video Above:  Are Your People This Engaged?

Why Amazon Is Copying Zappos And Paying Employees To Quit, by Bill Tor in Harvard Business Review

Should I Leave? By Moz Hussain, LinkedIn

The Differences Between Leadership, Management and Administration, by L. Gary Boomer on LinkedIn

Losers Have Goals, Winners Have Systems, by Zachary Lukasiewicz, LinkedIn

5 Culture Saving Candidates You Should Always Hire, by Josh Tolan,

3 Ways To Make Your People More Productive, by Peter Cohan,

The Inner Workings Of The Executive Brain, by Andrew Blackman in the Wall Street Journal

Why A Quarter of Americans Don’t Trust Their Employers, by Gretchen Gavett in

How To Craft An Airtight Disaster Recovery Plan, by Ryan Galloway, Forbes 

Georgia Construction Company Hit With $229,000 I9 Penalty, by Bruce E. Buchanan,

5 Habits That Effective  Team Members Should Never Outgrow, by Brent Gleeson in Forbes

Economically, Could Obama Be Amerca’s Best President?  By Adam Hartung, Forbes

Articles selected in April, 2014

Accelerated Innovation: The New Challenge From China, by Peter J. Williamson and Eden Yin on MIT Sloan Management Review

Manufacturers See Better Times For Economy And Jobs, by Jonathan Fahey,

Vacuum Designer Dyson To Take On Dirty Rivers, by Joel Hans in

Occupational Heat Exposure,

Protecting Workers From Heat Illness – OSHA NIOSH Info Sheet

Fortune 500 Companies Receive $63 billion In Subsidies, by David Sirota on

5 principles for mastering your golf game (and your career and life), by Pam Swensen on LinkedIn via The Business Journals

Michigan Boosting Efforts For Auto Industry Jobs, on

The Latest On U.S. Manufacturing Jobs, by John Minnick on

The Difference Between Successful And Very Successful People, by Greg McKeown on LinkedIn

Lead Your Best, by Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie from McKinsey & Co.

Top Occupations For Temporary Employment Growth, by David Gee on Staffing Talk

Bill Bumping ACA to 40-hour Workweek Passes House in Employee Benefit News

Why This Week’s Key Releases Seem To Be More About Expectations, by Phalguni Soni on LinkedIn via Market Realist

Don’t Just Be An Entrepreneur – Be A Market Maker, by Aaron Hurst on LinkedIn

5 Incredibly Effective Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder, by Jeff Haden, on LinkedIn via

Video:  Why Likability Matters More At Work, Wall Street Journal

HR Lagging on Building Analytic Skills, on LinkedIn via

Deadline for comment period on NLRB election rule proposals is April 7th.  Details are included in this article from Bloomberg

Small Business Majority Report:  Small Businesses Support Increasing Minimum Wage To $10.10, in Small Business Majority

Whitepaper:  Learning About Learning Agility, at

Manufacturing Production To Grow Through 2015, by Steve Minter, Industry Week

How To Fix The Economy In 1 Simple Chart, by Henry Blodget on LinkedIn via Business Insider

Would You Lie To Get A Job (Some May Have To), by J.T. O’Donnell on LinkedIn

I, Pencil — A classic 1958 article that is a must-read — and its companion video

BMW to Invest $1 Billion to Expand its South Carolina Factory, by Jack Ewing on LinkedIn via the New York Times

Is Your Budget Process Stuck On Last Year’s Numbers, by Dan Lovallo and Olivier Sibony on LinkedIn via McKinsey & Company

While Most Of Asia Waits For Export Bounce, Vietnam Powers Ahead, by Michael S. Arnold, on LinkedIn via Wall Street Journal

Key Findings From The Customer Service Benchmark Study, by Maria Lebed on LinkedIn via

Infographic – Strategy Execution by I-nexus on LinkedIn 

Articles selected in  March, 2014

A Story of Discrimination…Yes, I am Judging You, by Rachel Lamb on LinkedIn via

Peak Performance, by David Drickhamer in Industry Week

Performance Measurement:  GE Asks The Ultimate Question, by John Teresko in Industry Week

Transition-Ready Management:  Three Keys To Robust Organizational Strength, by Jason Piatt in Industry Week

Shift Your Organization Process Mindset in 3 Simple Steps, by Jason Piatt in Industry Week

Want To Retire With $1 Million?  Here’s How Much You Need To Save Each Month, by Henry Blodget on LinkedIn

Caution: When KPIs Turn To Poison, by Bernard Marr on LinkedIn

Simon Sinek:  Great Leaders Don’t Lay Off Employees by Chip Cutter on LinkedIn


The Real Reason Why Washington Should Care About Manufacturing, by Robert Atkinson in Industry Week

Manufacturing & The Decline Of The Middle Class, by Mike Collins on

Toyota Pays $1.2 Billion for “Sticky Pedal Cover-Up” in Industry Week

The Top Ten Signs You Might Be A Taker, by Adam Grant on LinkedIn

MetLife – Employee Trends Benefits Survey

Dynamic Tension: The Key To Better Decisions, by David H. Stevens in LinkedIn

OSHA Announces Its 2014 Site-Specific Targeting Plan, March 18, 2014 on Constangy Brooks & Smith LLP

Green Screen, by Yolanda Billinkoff on LinkedIn via Benefits Canada

Video:  Measuring and Improving Business Performance, by Professor Robert Bloomfield of Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management

U.S. Factory Output Rose In Feb. By Most In 6 Months, by Christopher S. Rugaber in

Fiat Adding 800 Workers To Revive Michigan Plant, by Joel Hans in

Video: Perspectives on Cardinal Manufacturing, YouTube

Walmart’s New Mantra:  Made In The USA, by Steve Minter in Industry Week

Spending on Corporate Training Soars: Employee Capabilities Now a Priority, by Josh Bersin on LinkedIn via

Low-Wage Workers Can’t Find Middle-Pay Jobs, by Josh Boak on

New Jersey: Time To Stop Impeding Tesla, by Joel Hans in

Ky. House Passes Bills Aimed At GE, AK Steel, by Bruce Schreiner, in

Why American Manufacturing Still Matters, by Mike Peters in Industry Week

MAPI Says Manufacturing Will Outpace US Growth in 2014, by Steve Minter, Industry Week

CNBC interview: risks from surging water demand, by Peter Letmathe in LinkedIn via Davos

Inviting the Inquiry of Science into Strategic Planning (IO Psychology), by A. G. Lafley, R. L. Martin, J. W. Rivkin, and N. Siggelkow on I/O At Work

Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization, by Robert Kabacoff, Harvard Business Review

Strategy 101: It’s All About Alignment by Larry Myler on

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Business Secrets Every Successful Entrepreneur Knows, by    Greenberg, D., McKone-Sweet, K. and Wilson, H. J.   on I/O At Work         

Why We Like Being Overloaded — And What To Do About It, by Ron Ashkenas in

Why The Toughest Bosses Are Best, by Cheryl Conner, in Forbes 

8 Subliminal Messages In Corporate Logos You’ve Never Noticed Before, by Robert Libetti, Business Insider

The 5 Traits of a Company’s Top Talent, by Beth Kuhel on Business Insider

Your Fat Is Why You’re Not As Bright As You Could Be, by Ariel Schwartz in Fast Company.

Three Metrics That Will Move The World, by Scott Nyquist, McKinsey, in LinkedIn

You’ll never have a sink full of dirty dishes if you follow Toyota’s productivity secret, by Manoush Zomorodi on LinkedIn via Quartz

Yahoo says Marissa Mayer has Fixed its Biggest Problem, by John McDuling on LinkedIn via Quartz

The Secret to Making People Accept Change, by Jessica Stillman on

Why You’ll Work Harder–Even If You Know You Don’t Have to, by Laura Montini in

How to Be a Better Coach, According to Neuroscience, by Jessica Stillman in    

Leadership Lessons From Matthew McConaughey’s Oscars Speech, by Will Yakowicz in

How, Exactly, Can We Accomplish Greater Things Together? By Kare Anderson on

How To Be Respected And Liked, by Kare Anderson on LinkedIn via

Iron Mountain Sentinels:  Certified Peer Coaches, by Katie Kuehner-Hebert in Chief Learning Officer

State of the Global Workplace, by Gallup

Coaching A Struggling Sales Team, by Charles Sujansky in Talent Management

What is the Business Case for Employee Engagement, by Torben Rick, posted on LinkedIn

Articles selected in February, 2014

9 Things Great Leaders Say Every Day, by Bill Murphy, Jr. on LinkedIn via

The Surprising “Most Frequent” Reason For A Failed Acquisition, by Michael Roth on LinkedIn via Michael Roth Advisors

The Lean System of Motivation by Lawrence M. Miller in Industry Week

Three Critical Elements In Driving Culture Change, by Roger Trapp in

Survey Shows Bosses Treating Employees Badly, on Chief Learning Officer via

Survey Reveals Most Memorable Excuses For Being Late, on Chief Learning Officer via CareerBuilder

How about a few laughs?  22 Craziest Animal Laws – Pet 360 Pet Parenting Simplified

The One Question Every CEO Needs To Answer, by Joel Trammel in

5 Ways A Legacy-Driven Mindset Will Define Your Leadership, by Glenn Llopis,

If You Want More Productive Employees, Learn How To Get Out Of Their Way, by Michael Theriault,

A Growth Agenda:  4 Goals for a Manufacturing Resurgence In America by Jay Timmons, President and CEO, NAM

3 Simple Ways To Engage Employees (Infographic) from Open Forum on LinkedIn

High-Tech Michigan Hub Could Create 10,000 Manufacturing Jobs, by Joel Hans in

Why Great Leaders Get Passed Over: 4 Reasons, by Les McKeown in

G-20 Promises To Boost World Economy By $2 Trillion on LinkedIn via US Today

The Undercover Recruiter:  Do You Have Any Questions For Me? By James Citrin on LinkedIn

The Nuance of Gaming In Learning in Chief Learning Officer

7 Ways To Lead With Your Heart, by Peter Economy in

Are You Recruiting for Upside Potential, by Lou Adler in

Why You Have To Be A Politician At Your Job, by Jean Leslie in

4 Signs You’re a Terrible Communicator, by Les McKeown, in

Customer No Service, by Gary Smith on LinkedIn via Optimum Performance Technologies

New Study Shows How High-Performing Companies Motivate Their People, by Victor Lipman in 

7 Management Practices That Can Improve Employee Productivity, by Victor Lipman in

7 Things Extremely Persuasive People Do, by Kevin Daum in

A Florida Factory Death Reminds Us Why Regulations Exist, by Patrick Clark in Business Week

Innovation–You’re Doing It Wrong: How To Put Intuition and Ideas Before Tests and Analyses, by Douglas Van Praet in Fast Company

Mexico To Trump Japan As No. 2 Car Exporter To U.S., by Adriana Gomez Licon in

Do You Follow The 80% Rule for Delegating Power? A Micromanager’s Guide to Trust, by Scott Leibs in

Business Ethics, Part Two:  Four Principles, by Don Peppers in LinkedIn

Four Ethics Brain Teasers – What Would You Do, by Don Peppers in LinkedIn

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill, by Peter Carbonara, in LinkedIn via Fast Company

How Leaders Make Their Companies Employee-Centric, by Tal Shnall on LinkedIn via Leadership Cafe

The Best Management Books, by Dane Stangler in

Lean Tools for Strategy and Execution – The Excellence Enterprise Blog

Rita Gunther McGrath on the End of Competitive Advantage by Theodore Kimmel in Strategy + Business

Wage Wars: Weighing an Increase to Minimum Wage, by Jeremy Quittner, on

Have You Told Them Lately That You Love Them, by Kathy Rapp, in

Empowerment Play:  Why You Should Put People First, by Peter Economy in

It’s Now or Never for Sony’s Long-Sputtering Turnaround, by The Drucker Exchange in

Southwest Airlines: We’re Not Really About Cheap Flights Anymore, by Brad Tuttle on

An Ultra-Cheap, Anti-Union Airline Could Transform Flying, by Brad Tuttle on

Why You Should Let Your Employees Do Whatever They Want, by Michael Schein in

Tax Reform For U.S. Manufacturing, by Robert Atkinson in Industry Week

Reshoring:  A Key Strategy Facing Present and Future Manufacturers, by Guy Morgan in

How General Motors Was Really Saved: The Untold True Story Of The Most Important Bankruptcy In U.S. History, by Dan Bigman on LinkedIn via

Kaizen Story: The Crow and the Peacock on LinkedIn via the Kaizen Institute of India

One Need No One Can Afford To Ignore, by Deepak Chopra MD on LinkedIn

5 Myths About Introverts and Extroverts at Work, by Adam Grant on LinkedIn

Mobile Talks! by Hiroshi Mikitani on LinkedIn

4 Tips To Get Employees To Tell You Their Best Ideas, by Brian Hamilton in

How Google Sold Its Engineers On Management, by David Garvin on LinkedIn via HBR

5 Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict, by Mike Myatt,

5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Don’t, by Mike Myatt,

Why Sales People Shouldn’t Prospect – An Interview With Aaron Ross, by David Skok in For

How to Get Your Employees to Think Strategically, by Will Yakowicz in

5 Steps To Improve Quality No Matter What You Produce, by Drew Greenblatt in

Forget Customer Satisfaction.  Think Customer Surprise, by Peter Economy in

Why CEO Transitions Can Be Trouble, by Ilan Mochari in

When Your Business Is Most Vulnerable (Hint: It’s Not During Hard Times), by Les McKeown on

8 Leadership Attributes That Make Employees Go The Extra Mile, by Drew Greenblatt on LinkedIn via

Why Women’s Networks Aren’t As Useful As Men’s, by Phil Willburn on LinkedIn via Network Leadership

Modern Manufacturing Requires Modern Supply Chains, on LinkedIn via Industry Week

Breaking Good: Transcending the Good for Others / Good for Me Tradeoff, by George Bradt in

U.S. Economy May Be Stuck In Slow Lane For Long Run, by Josh Boak in

The Benefits and Limits of Decision Making Models, by McKinsey and Company on

Why Individuals No Longer Rule on Sales Teams, by Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon and Nicholas Toman, Harvard Business Review

6 Tips For a Successful System Integration Project, by David Akka, The Next Web

The Four Secrets to Employee Engagement, by Rob Markey, Harvard Business Review

Understanding the Science of Moods at Work, by Daniel Goleman on LinkedIn

Operations Strategy Check-up: 5 Key Questions To Ask For Maximum Business Performance, by Jason Piatt, Industry Week

Five Steps To Making Performance Improvement Stick, by Jason Piatt, Industry Week

Jay Gould Aims For The Magic At American Standard, by Steve Minter, Industry Week

Managing for Feast, not Famine, by Geoff Colvin, Fortune Magazine

Making Change Personal:  Driving Radical Organisational Change, by Deirdre Coleman on Eye for Pharma

6 Things You Can Do Before Breakfast To Make Your Day A Success, by Gurbaksh Chahal on LinkedIn

Improve People First, by Karyn Ross, Industry Week

What Drives Wedges Between Management and Workers?  By John Dyer, Industry Week

Top 10 Most Recently Cited OSHA Standards – Photo Gallery, by Josh Cable in Industry Week

U.S. Vehicle Recalls Hit 9-Year High In 2013, in

What Strong Emotions Reveal About the Way You Work, by Geoffrey James,

Simplify Outdated Corporate Processes, by Daniel Markovitz, Harvard Business Review

Why the U.S. has Lost Manufacturing Jobs, by Michael S. Rozeff on LinkedIn

Starbucks CEO Sticks Out His Neck for Innovation, by Gijs van Wulfen on LinkedIn 

2014-2013 Dice Tech Salary Survey on LinkedIn via

Supervisor Scares Employees — Can They Refuse to Work With Him? By Seyfarth Shaw, and James L. Curtis on LinkedIn by Jennifer Davis Cain via

3 Ways to Spark Employee Passion, by Lee Colan,

The Future of Work in America, by Robert Bullock of Scontrino-Powell

6 Ways To Empower Your Employees With Transformational Leadership, by Drew Hendricks on

7 Unconventional Behaviors of Inspiring Leaders, by Ekaterina Walter,

DuoLingo,the free language-learning app that’s addictive and fun, by Seth Stevenson in

Manufacturers Are Leaving China, But Where Are They Headed? By Tia Nowack in

Making Sustainable Production A Reality, by Lauren Gibbons Paul in

The Not-So-Golden State in The Economist

Radically reshaping manufacturing: A conversation with Katy George, McKinsey&Company Insights & Publications, January issue

Next-Shoring:  A CEO’s Guide, by Katy George, Sree Ramaswamy, and Lou Rassey in McKinsey&Company Insights & Publications, January issue

When Consultant-Driven Behaviors Backfire in Customer Service and Hospitality, by Micah Solomon,

A Dog Walks Into A Hotel Lobby: The Greatest Hospitality Story Ever Told, by Micah Solomon,

Articles Selected in January, 2014:

Want Motivated Employees?  Offer Ample Opportunities for Growth, by Victor Lipman,

Video:  Barry Schuler: Vision Is the Secret to Making Money, by Barry Schuler and Eric Schurenberg,

7 Simple Entrepreneurship Lessons From Martin Luther King, by Dave Kerpen,

Editor’s Letter:  Tapping the Power of Your Creation Story, by Eric Schurenberg,

Give Your Company a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal, by Jeremy Quittner,

5 Questions Great Candidates Ask, by Jeff Haden on LinkedIn via

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts December 2013 Book-to-bill Ratio of 1.02, on LinkedIn via

America’s Real Manufacturing Advantage, by by Helmuth Ludwig and Eric Spiegel on LinkedIn via Strategy and Business.

Starbucks is Getting Ready to Let You Order Coffee Before You Get to the Store, on LinkedIn by Roberto A. Ferdman via Quartz on-line

Is Big Pharma in the Midst of an Identity Crisis?

10 Things You Don’t Realize Are Wrong With Your Business, by Brad Shorr,

Why Your Top Talent is Leaving in 2014 and What it will take to Retain Them, by Jacquelyn Smith,

What’s the Plant Manager’s Lean Leadership Role?  By Larry Fast, Industry Week

Speeding Up GM’s Comeback by Bill Vlasic on LinkedIn via Business Day

Achieving Net-Zero Use of Grid Energy in Manufacturing, by Jim McMahon,

12 Questions to Gauge Employee Engagement, by Ilan Mochari on

Hire SMARTe over Manage, by Lou Adler on LinkedIn.

Agility: The new Currency of Growth, by Mike Maddock,

What We Can Learn From Seneca About Proactive Customer Service, by Adrian Swinscoe,

Don’t Abandon Innovation–Simplify It, by Ron Ashkenis,

The Model for Great Mentoring, by Marshall Goldsmith, Talent Management Magazine

She’s Doing An Elite MBA For Under $1,000 by John A. Byrne, LinkedIn

The 3 Things All Humans Crave–and How to Motivate Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere by Christine Comaford,

Video:  The Surprising Truth About Workplace Motivation by Achieveglobal

Infographic:  Motivation by AchieveGlobal

2 Articles:  What is Product Lifecycle Management? and: Secrets to PLM Implementation Success, in Search Manufacturing ERP

Do You Know What Makes Your Company Distinctive? By Stephen Shapiro, Harvard Business Review

What is the Biggest Supply Shortage Facing Manufacturers in 2014?  Turns out it is Sourcing and Supplier Management Capabilities, by Michael Cross, Direct Materials Insider

2013 IW Best Plans Winners: Peak Performers, by Jill Jusko, Industry Week

2013 IW Best Plants Winner: Harley-Davidson, by Ginger Christ-Martin in Industry Week

Tracking the ‘Manufacturing Jobs for America’ Campaign, by Joel Hans,

Government Charges Wal-Mart With Labor Violations, by Sam Hananel, AP in

UnitedVoice:  Wellness Your Way – Maxwell Health, video from United Contributor in

8 Creative HR Tactics That Make Wooga One of the Hottest Start-ups in Berlin, by The Berlin School of Creative Leadership in

What’s Next for 3-D Printing? Terry Wohlers offers six predictions for additive manufacturing in 2014, by Travis Hessman, Industry Week

3-D Printing Poised to Shake Up Shopping, Industry Week via Agence France-Presse

Gemba Walk, by Bill Wilder, Industry Week

The Leaders of Tomorrow Are Mastering Data Today, by  Eugene Roytburg, Colin Hare, Bruno Melone on

Why is the Recovery so Agonizingly Slow?  By Mark Thoma, The Fiscal Times,

Creating a Culture of Unconditional Love, by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, Harvard Business Review

Change Your Employees’ View of Change, by Daniel Burrus on LinkedIn

2013 IW Best Plants Winner: Flextronics — A Partner in Manufacturing Excellence, by Jill Jusko, Industry Week

What’s the Right Path for Manufacturing? By Robert Atkinson, Industry Week

What Kind of Customer Experience are You Capable of Delivering, by Don Peppers, LinkedIn

5 Ways to Coach Your Employees to the Top of Their Game, by Brent Frei,

Happiness vs. Meaningfulness: The Surprising Difference, by Alex Banayan on LinkedIn

How Amazon Turned a Problem Into A $bn Opportunity Using Advanced Problem Solving, by Michael Skok. on LinkedIn

Development vs. Training to Maximize Performance, by Howard Shore on LinkedIn

How to Mend a Broken Executive Team, by Will Yakowicz,

Resolved:  You Will Help Your Employees Cope With Change in 2014, by Peter Economy,

6 Infallible Ways to Earn Respect, by Geoffrey James,

10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Their Employees, by Jeff Haden,

Navigating the Politics and Emotions of Change, by Ellen R. Oster and Trish Ruebottom, MIT Sloan Management Review

U.S. Manufacturing Set to Grow Bolder, by James R. Hagerty and Cameron McWhirter, on LinkedIn via

More of the Jobless Are Giving Up On Finding Work, by Chris Isildore, CNNMoney

Must readThe Vital Signs of American Manufacturing, by Mike Collins

Supplier Collaboration is Top Transformational Goal for 2014, by Stacy Leidwinger

Manufacturing Finishes Strong in 2013, ISM Reports, by Steve Minter

Manufactured Goods Orders Rise in November, by Steve Minter

The Amazon of Higher Education – How Tiny, Struggling Southern New Hampshire University has Become a Behemoth by Gabriel Kahn

Wanted- Women To Bring Their Talent To Manufacturing

Workshops for Warriors Helps Fill the Skills Gap

Closing the Skills Gap by Jamie Dimon and Marlene Seltzer

Management Be Nimble by Adam Bryant in LinkedIn via

Changing Supply Chain Strategy Will Make Apple Even More Efficient and Effective, in


Selections in 2013:

Are You In Deep Water? By Aileron,

A Great Customer Experience In One Not-Easy Step, by Micah Solomon,

Four Ways To Keep Your Growing Startup From Breaking, by Peter Cohan,

Biggest challenges for HR in 2014: The way ahead, on LinkedIn, by Anumeha Chaturvedi & Shreya Roy, ET Bureau

10 Things Employees Want More Than a Raise By Geoffrey James,

America’s New Sustainable Manufacturing Hubs Will Breed Creativity And Jobs, by Sarah Krasley

Windsor Castle – Leading Entrepreneurial Teams, Windsor Experiences, from LinkedIn

Want To Succeed?  Don’t Check Your Email — And Work Out At Lunch, by Erika Andersen,

4 Ways to Make Your Employees Love Working For You, by Rachel Monroe, Inc.

The Eight Archetypes of Leadership, by Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, on LinkedIn via

What Happens When Leaders Only Care About Money? By  Erika Andersen,

The Eight Pillars of Innovation, by Susan Wojcicki on LinkedIn

Made Up Lean Statistics, by Jon Miller on LinkedIn

How Netflix Reinvented HR, by Patty McCord on LinkedIn via Harvard Business Review

Startup Founders: 6 Secrets for Success, by Ilya Pozin, LinkedIn via Forbes

Collaboration and the Blank Screen of Death, by Renshi Consulting on LinkedIn

The Vital Signs Of American Manufacturing, by Mike Collins on LinkedIn via

Manufacturing Trends 2014: Top 10 Predictions from IDC Manufacturing Insights, by Adam Robinson on LinkedIn via

Apple: Making the All-New Mac Pro, YouTube

Employer Toolkit: The Manufacturing Institute has developed a one-stop, how-to guide on developing and recruiting a skilled workforce.

Walking the Walk:  How Vo-Tech Ed Saved a Town, by Dean Barber on LinkedIn

Leadership Is About Emotion, by Meghan Biro,

GM Boosts U.S. Manufacturing Investment; Shuts Down in Australia, by Paul Tate on LinkedIn via

Ford Announces Expanded Product Lines and Employment by Dee-Ann Durbin on LinkedIn via

How To Earn An Elite MBA For Free, by John A. Byrne, LinkedIn

Emotional Intelligence Predicts Job Success: Do You Have It? By Drake Baer on LinkedIn via

Yammer breaks down Telstra’s management layers, by Josh Taylor on LinkedIn via

Made in USA: 6 Companies That Came Home by Eric Markowicz, on LinkedIn via

Reshoring 101:  Rebuilding U.S. Manufacturing With Right Sizing, on LinkedIn via

Coming home – A growing number of American companies are moving their manufacturing back to the United States, on LinkedIn via

The Reshoring Initiative – Why Evaluating All Costs and Risks Is Key to Reshoring, on LinkedIn via

The Leadership Lesson They Don’t Teach In Business School But Should, by Mike Myatt, on LinkedIn via

How Xerox Evolved From Copier Company To Creative Powerhouse, by David Zax, on LinkedIn via

Kaizen Teian: The bottom up approach for productivity improvement, by Kaizen Institute India on LinkedIn

Living our Brand: Onboarding, by Ty Nilsson on LinkedIn via

What Is Your Workplace Dot?  Your Career Success Depends On It, by Glenn Llopis,

5 Ways Leaders Win People Over, by Glenn Llopis,

7 Reasons Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders, by Glenn Llopis, LinkedIn via

Five Leadership Qualities Great Executives Must Have, by Mark V. Hurd, President, Oracle on LinkedIn

Take Time to Learn a Skill, Master a Trade, by Mike Rowe, LinkedIn via

Lessons in Leadership and Life from Nelson Mandela by Scott Span, Tolero Solutions

Nelson Mandela’s Legend: 7 Leadership Lessons, by Steve Tappin, LinkedIn

Dealing With Battered Worker Syndrome: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid, by Gavin Rouble on LinkedIn via The 2%

3 More Sure-Fire Signs You’re Failing as an Executive Leader, by Joe Scherrer, LinkedIn


8 Reasons Why the Manufacturing Industry is Reinvesting in US Production, by  ,

From Breadcrumbs to Superpowers: Wise Words from PA Conference for Women, by Linda Descano, LinkedIn

Amazon’s Strategy Behind the Drone Attack — New Markets, Entrenched Advantages, by Stephen Wunker, Forbes

3 Simple Questions To Help Ensure Effective Employee Evaluations, by Victor Lipman, Forbes

The Boeing Debacle: Seven Lessons Every CEO Must Learn, by Steve Denning, Forbes

It’s Not The CEO, It’s The Leadership Strategy That Matters, by Josh Bersin, LinkedIn via Forbes

SAPVoice:  Manufacturing Wants Its Jobs Back – But, Can It Find The Workers? By Pradeep Amladi, Forbes

Leading Change:  Why Transformation Efforts Fail, by John P. Kotter, in LinkedIn via Harvard Business Review

The High Cost of Unhappy Employees – Infographic – by Lisa Chatroop,

Are You CEO or Management Material? Take the Test! on LinkedIn via

Yahoo’s Latest HR Disaster: Ranking Workers on a Curve, by Joshua Brustein, on LinkedIn via Businessweek

Keeping employees engaged should be top priority, by Steve Adubato on LinkedIn via

The Good, the Band and the Ugly (of employee surveys) by Ariel Barack, on LinkedIn via

Working On Your Business Versus Working In Your Business, By Jay Ebben, Ph.D. on LinkedIn via

You’ve Hired the Best People – Now How do you Keep Them, by Linda Descano, LinkedIn

Why Carving Out 5 Hours Every Day For Difficult Work Can Lead To Greatness, by Drake Baer on LinkedIn via Fast Company

New Managers:  Getting Them Off On The Right Foot, by Tim Gould on LinkedIn via

The Signs of a Leader’s Empathy Deficit Disorder, by Daniel Goleman, LinkedIn

From Worst to First in One Year:  Why the Right Talent Matters, by Kevin Martin, on LinkedIn via Trendwatcher


12 Absolute Leadership Traits of John F. Kennedy, by Gary Bersin, LinkedIn

A Key to Engagement!:  How to Achieve a Flow State, by Daniel Goleman, LinkedIn

Employees best “Get” Strategy From the Top, by Josh Bersin, LinkedIn

14 Ways to Be a Great Team Player at Work, by Christina Lattimer, LinkedIn via The E-Mile Community

Manage Mind and Body for a Better Career, by Chad O’Connor on LinkedIn via Rita’s Corner at

They’re Watching You at Work, by Don Peck, the Atlantic, shared by Alan Oberlin JD via LinkedIn

A Failing Global Workplace, by Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup, on LinkedIn via

Why Organizations Fail, by David Rock, LinkedIn via Fortune Magazine

Why We Do Need The HR Department, by Josh Bersin, LinkedIn

2014: A “New” War for Talent, by Gary Burnison, LinkedIn

Executive Presence in the New Normal Workplace, by Glenn Llopis, Forbes

6 Ways to Get Discovered Now in Your Career, by Glenn Llopis, Forbes

8 Winning Ways To Perform Workplace Wonders, by Glenn Llopis, Forbes

Effective Managers Earn Trust by Doing 5 Things Well, by Glenn Llopis, Forbes

5 Ways Learning Managers Can Make a Strategic Contribution by Success Factors

Communication Skills Quiz and Article via Alan Oberlin

Article: 3 Things You’re Screwing Up (and Why Nobody Tells You), by Les McKeown, Inc Magazine

Article: How to Reach Every Business Goal — Even if the Economy is in the Gutter, by Les McKeown, Inc Magazine

Article: Hiring a New Executive? Send This Memo First, by Les McKeown, Inc Magazine

Article: No Meeting Wednesdays: A Way Toward Focused Flow, by The Build Network Staff, Inc Magazine

Article: Why Organizations Fail, by David Rock, LinkedIn via CNNMoney

Article: Measuring Performance: Why Use a Scorecard? by Competitive Solutions Inc on LinkedIn

Article: Are You A Workplace Bully or Victim? By Lewis and Associates on LinkedIn via Lewis and Associates

Article: What All Successful Companies Have in Common, by Jason McLure on LinkedIn via Tuck at Dartmouth

Article: Signs You Might be a Terrible Leader (Yes, You) by Lewis Holmes on LinkedIn via Entrepreneur

Article: HR ranks low for analytical expertise, by Dan Cook, on LinkedIn

Article: A New Way to Look at Your Competitors, by Steve Blank, Inc Magazine

Article: 13 Signs You’re a Workplace Bully, by Ilan Mochari, Inc Magazine

Article: How to Wow Customers Every Time, by Will Yakowicz, Inc Magazine

Article: Stop Doing and Start Managing, by Will Yakowicz, Inc Magazine

Article: Want Loyal customers? Build a culture of saying yes”, by Anne Fisher @CNNMoney November 1, 2013

Article: Learning to be Yourself by Josh Bersin on LinkedIn

Article: 5 Reasons Introverts Make Better Leaders, by Bruna Martinuzzi, posted by Oliver Doring in LinkedIn via Open Forum!

Article: How to Write the Dreaded Self Appraisal by Amy Gallow, Harvard Business Review

Article: Defining Strategy posted by Mark Towery on LinkedIn via Geo Cache

Article: Having HR ‘at the table’ improves profitability: Study, by Tim Gould, LinkedIn via HR Morning!

Article: The Three Cs for Gaining Speed in Execution, by Joan Wood, LinkedIn via Leadership Edge

Article: How To Shift A Company’s Culture, by Joan Wood, LinkedIn via Leadership Edge

Article: Six Drucker Questions That Simplify A Complex Age by Rick Wartzman, LinkedIn via Harvard Business Review

Article: How to Build an Onboarding Plan for a New Hire by Peter Vandenbos, Inc Magazine

Article: Delegating Well Gives You A Competitive Advantage by Peter Economy, Inc Magazine

Article: Be a Minimally Invasive Manager, by Randy Komisar, HBR Blog Network

we rec websiteWebsite on Strategy and Execution:

Article:  Happiness, Flow & How to be a Better Leader by Darcy Jacobsen on LinkedIn via Globoforce

Article:  Every Misaligned Team is Misaligned In Its Own Way, by Brent Sapp, Neal Sharma on LinkedIn via Build Network

Article:  The Four Things Managers Must Give Their Teams by Gary Swart on LinkedIn

Article:  Companies should rethink how they manage workforce, says Oracle (the president of Oracle, Mark Hurd) at LinkedIn via Computer Weekly

Article:   Does Your Organization Chart Stifle Innovation, by David Burkus on LinkedIn via Chief,

Article:  Four Key Strategies To Engage Your Employees, by Claire Laughlin on LinkedIn via Managing Americans!

Article:  How to Compete With Amazon by Jeff Jordan, Fortune Magazine

Article: Can Better Development Save a Disgruntled Workforce? by Joe Ungemah, Chief Learning Officer via LinkedIn
Article: Time to Focus on Middle Manager Development, by Jessica DuBois-Maahs, in Chief Learning Officer via LinkedIn

Article: Choose the Right Strategy: Cost or Benefit Leader by Jake Neilson in The Innovative Manager via LinkedIn!

Article: Paying the price for not training your managers, by Brian Amble on Management Issues

Article: Employee Engagement: Steps to “Fuel the Human Rocket”, by Les Landes, in Human Resources IQ

Article:  Products, Projects and Strategy – How Do They Fit Together, by Sandy Richardson via LinkedIn

Article about inclusiveness in recognition programs as a critical factor in engagement – Inclusiveness Creates the Opportunity for Employee Engagement, by Peter Psichogios, CSI International website

Website/membership – The Mentors Guild

Article: Five Ways to Improve Teamwork, by Catherine Capozzi, Demand Media

Article – How quickly should a new CEO shift corporate resources? – by Stephen Hall and Conor Kehoe in McKinsey Quarterly!

Top 5+ Change Management Questions by Torben Rick on LinkedIn!

Post: The 3 Tiers of Collaboration Growth by Lisa Renner on LinkedIn

Favorites Sorted By Topic


Article: The Rise of Employee Engagement by Reese Hayden, DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence, via LinkedIn!

Article about the work climate and engagement – 6 Ways to Implement Climate Change in the Workplace, by Andrew Graham on Switch & Shift Human Side of Business

Article: How to Create a High Energy Workforce by Peter Economy, Inc. Magazine

Survey Report: BlessingWhite Engagement Survey 2013 Update, source website (below)

Gallup Engagement Survey: State of the American Workplace, Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders, Gallup website –

Article: Surprising, Disturbing Facts From The Mother Of All Employee Engagement Surveys, by Victor Lipman, Forbes

Article: Employees Don’t Leave Jobs, They Leave Managers, by G. K. Kashyap in People Matters

Article:  New Generation of Business: Connecting Employee Loyalty with Customer Loyalty, by Colin Shaw on LinkedIn

Video:  Build an Enterprise Gamification Strategy That Lasts, by Badgeville with Deloitte and EMC

Article: 5 Ways Leaders Win At Gamification, by Meghan M. Biro, Forbes

Article by Achievers: 19 Signs of Disengagement and How to Avoid Them

Article: What Line-of-Sight Tells us that Gallup’s Reports Don’t by Prana Business LLC

Article on Engagement: 7 Management Practices That Can Improve Employee Productivity by Victor Lipman, Forbes On-Line magazine

Interpersonal Communication

Article on how to ask excellent questions:  The One Conversational Tool That Will Make You Better At Absolutely Everything by Shane Snow, Fast Company


Article:  Just Make a Decision Already by Nick Tasler, LinkedIn

Focus on What Matters Most

Article – How to Stay Totally Focused on What Matters Most, by Dave Kerpen, Inc. Magazine

Customer Focus

Article:  Customer Service:  What Southwest Knows And You Don’t (Hint: Being Nice Isn’t Enough), by Micah Solomon, Forbes

Article:  Why CEOs Must Become Customer-Experience,  Evangelists, by Mark V. Hurd, President of Oracle  Excellent article on LinkedIn, points out the need for effective alignment of the organization with the strategy..”…CEOs need to build organizations and cultures and processes that let their companies move as fast as their customers and, in turn, can engage with those customers..”

Article: Don’t Let Technology Gum Up the Customer Experience by Don Peppers

Article: Selling to the Frictionless Consumer by Don Peppers

Leadership and Management

Article: The Only Management Strategy You’ll Ever Need, by in Inc.

Article:  Trust: The Currency of Leadership, by Rajeev Peshawaria, Forbes

Article: Four Leadership Lessons From Ender’s Game, by Alex Knapp, Forbes


Article: Your Org Structure Is Incentivizing Bad Behavior, by Avinash Kaushik, on LinkedIn

Article from Blog: The Incalculably High Cost of Culture Debt by Thad Peterson

Book: The Discipline of Market Leaders

Article: The Competitive Advantage of Trustability by Don Peppers

Article: Ownership and Your Strategy – Where the Action (and business success) Really Happens by Sandy Richardson

Article: Benchmarking: The Antidote to Innovation and Competitive Advantage by Dr. Michael Seitchick




Article: 7 Things I Learned from Startup Failure, by Gary Swart

Human Capital Training and Development

Article: Learning Measurement:  A Work In Progress, by Frank Kalman, CLO (Chief Learning Officer)

Manufacturing in the USA

Article: In Light Of Wal-Mart Summit, Is The Revival Of U.S. Manufacturing A Reality? By Barbara Thau, Forbes

Value Propositions and Competitive Strategy

Article: The Easy Way to Compete With the Fortune 500, by Dave Kerpen, on Inc magazine on line

Article: How To Develop a Compelling Value Proposition by Rebecca O. Bagley, Forbes on-line magazine

Article on Converse’s new strategy – How Converse Went From Bankruptcy to a $1.4 Billion Business, by Laura Lorenzetti, in Quartz and LinkedIn


Blog – Ownership and Your Strategy – Where the Action (and business success) Really Happens, by Sandy Richardson

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