Leadership 2015 And Beyond

For years, organizations have been faced with a few critical priorities, not the least of which has been the struggle to engage their people, and through them, to build performance to the heights needed for growth into the future.

We’ve all seen the Gallup survey data:  70% of employees are disengaged.  The cost, a consequence of this widespread failure of leadership, both to people and to business, is far too high; in fact, the cost includes deteriorating the well-being and health of both people and their organizations.  We believe the root cause is that our current model of leadership is outdated; it doesn’t meet today’s needs.  Leadership today continues to focus, as it has for centuries, on controlling people through our leader-follower paradigms.  Today’s organizations need the imaginations, initiative, creativity and sense of urgency that comes from sharing leadership among the workforce.  Not just the empowerment we typically give to select, chosen individuals; today’s organizations must build leadership and unleash it effectively.  At Prism Perspectives Group, we work with managers at all levels, leveraging our expertise to help managers to build performance through leadership.  This new post provides you, our current and future leaders, with new ways of envisioning and practicing leadership. Here, we are building a Library of Insight; we are carefully selecting videos from Thought Leaders that, put into  action, can help to shape a new, powerful model of leadership that makes the critically needed difference for our organizations.  We’ve only just begun, but we’d like your recommendations and comments!

Watch the videos that pique your interest.  Share your insights and recommend videos.  Find out how we can help your organization, by contacting us at  rosanna@prismperspectivesgroup.com or 603-878-1546.







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