What’s New In Manufacturing?

Today’s post-recession manufacturing plants are leveraging the latest technologies and are transforming the way work is done in blue-collar industries.  Take a look at Manufacturing now!

From Assemblymag.com  “The 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck features an aluminum body and cargo box that’s a radical departure from conventional designs. The auto industry’s best-selling vehicle now features numerous aluminum body parts, including the doors, hood, fenders, floor, roof, side panels, load bed and tailgate. It marks the first time that mainstream production processes are being deployed to mass-produce an aluminum-intensive vehicle. Ford engineers rely on state-of-the-art technology that allows the truck to be assembled with self-piercing rivets, flow-drill screws and structural adhesives, in addition to clinching and laser welding. Click here for a peek inside the Dearborn Truck Plant.”



From Assemblymag.com “Fiat recently invested $700 million in Chrysler’s 47 year old Belvidere assembly plant.  The flexible facility builds the Dodge Dart sedan on the same line as the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot sport utility vehicles…”



From Assemblymag.com “Exhibitors demonstrate a production line to create writing pens using Kanban cards anda  3-person Kaizen team…”



From Plastics Today, PTI Engineered Plastics earns recognition!  Click below to see why:

U.S. Rep. Miller tours PTI Engineered Plastics, by Norbert Sparrow, PlasticsToday.com

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