Must-Reads for Managing Small Businesses

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Few Managers Have Ever Been Trained How to Manage, by Robert Bidwell,

Is ‘Cultural Fit’ Just A New Way To Discriminate? By Erika Andersen,

Hotel chain moves employees to private exchange, by Andrea Davis on

Why Your Employees Are Leaving (and How You Can Win Them Back), by Josh Ruhlin,

Employee handbooks: Is yours keeping pace with the times? By Tim Gould,

Sears employees discover value in private exchange, by Bruce Shutan,

After an epic compromise, Utah will be the 19th state to ban LGBT workplace discrimination, by Claire Zillman,

What’s Up With Manufacturing Wages?  By Patricia Panchak,

9 Additions You Need To Make In Your HR Manual Right Now, by Gene Marks,

Minding the Gap:  A Roadmap for Addressing the U.S. Manufacturing Skills Shortage, in

What Benefits Employees Really Want, in

2015 IndustryWeek Manufacturing Salary Survey — By the Numbers, by Jill Jusko,

2015 IW Salary Survey: The Highs and Lows of Manufacturing Pay, by Jill Jusko,

2015 IW Salary Survey: Manufacturing Prospers But What About Pay? By Jill Jusko,

Milliken’s 9 Immutable Keys to Safety, by Craig Long,

Don’t do it:  5 Costly hiring mistakes, by Christian Schappel, HR

4 habits of highly successful HR departments by Paul Keijzer

Feds List Manufacturing Jobs Among Best That ‘Don’t Need a Degree’

Cisco’s plan to solve tech’s diversity problem: Start from the top, by Caroline Fairchild,

Manufacturers Looking at a Big Shortfall of New Workers,

How to build the perfect workplace, by Geoff Colvin,

Motivating the Middle 80% With Contests,

How Big Data Will Change Human Resources, by Payscale

The Single Greatest Cause of Employee Disengagement

4 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs HR, by Abby Perkins

Webinar on ACA

Bloomberg provides advice for small employers on Obamacare

I9 Verification by

 FLSA Job Classification, by

The Green Advantage: The 3 Types of Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies That Are ‘Best Places to Work’ Share These 3 Things, by Andre Lavoie,

How The Mayor Of Pittsburgh Hired The Most Diverse Staff In The City’s History, by Debra Smit, 

Why It Pays to Praise Employees, by Justin Bariso,

Top 10 questions employees have about your health benefits

Tech startups help employees navigate health care system

Health Hazards of E-Cigarettes, by Susan Silberstein, Ph.D,

Rite Aid to buy PBM EnvisionRx, boasts expansion of services for employers, by Richard Stolz,

Democrats reintroduce sick leave legislation, by Nick Otto,

Manage Executive Onboarding Risk With 3 Key Questions, by George Bradt,

My Picks For The Top 10 CHROs, And Why They Matter, by Mike Myatt,

Key qualities that can turn a company into a great place to work, by Robert Levering,

A Better Way to Measure Employee Success, by Jeff Kerr,

What it Takes to Retain Your Top Talent,

9 Ways To Minimize Office Politics by Quora on


Advanced Manufacturing Program in NH at LRCC picking up Steam; Graduates Getting Jobs!

Why a Gossiping Boss Is a Bad Boss, by Suzanne Lucas,

Poachable: A Hiring Tool That Could Kill The Resume, by Will Yakowicz,

The Geeks Arrive In H.R.:  People Analytics, by Josh Bersin in

5 Critical Priorities HR Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2015, on CTK Competency Toolkit Blog

Tips to Engage Millennials in Health and Wellness, on Employee Benefit

Ways to Make the Most of Millennials, by Peter Economy,

11 Things You Should Know About Generation Y, by Peter Economy in

Generation Z – 10 Trends for 2015 You Better Pay Attention To, by Peter Economy in 1

0 Ways to say ‘no’ that won’t damage business or relationships, by Martin Zwilling, Entrepreneur

The Art and Science of Giving And Receiving Feedback, by Courtney Seiter on

How to Achieve Excellence in 1 Hour A Week, by Geoffrey James on

How to Decipher Your Shortcomings and Learn From It, by Marshall Goldsmith (video), on

3 Ways to Know if You Have The Right Team, by Springboard Enterprises on

Terrible Questions Job Interviewers Should Never Ask Again, by Jeff Haden on

10 Rules for Workplace Contests, by Geoffrey James on

2 Foolproof Rules For Avoiding Classic Hiring Blunders, by Lou Adler on

Like It Or Not, Obamacare Is Reshaping The Healthcare Industry, by Janet Novack,

How To Implement Pay-For-Performance, a whitepaper by PayScale

Employee Handbooks: An Employer’s First Line of Defense by Richard B. Cohen on Employment Discrimination Report

What Is The EEOC’s Mediation Program? Does Everyone Benefit?  By Richard B. Cohen on Employment Discrimination Report

IRS Announces 2014 Tax Brackets, Standard Deduction Amounts and More, by Kelly Phillips Erb on

Voluntary benefits help small businesses think big – Employee Benefits News

The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews, by Kathleen Davis in Fast Company

What is 5S? An Explanation of the Elements of 5S for a Lean Culture,

10 Ways To Design Better Wellness Programs, in Employee Benefit Advisor

Choosing Workers Compensation Medical Providers, by Chris Moxley on LinkedIn

Why Companies That Pay Above the Minimum Wage Come Out Ahead, by Zeynep Ton on

How Wellness Plans Reduce Your Workers Comp. Costs, by Chris Moxley on LinkedIn

Doctors Claim New Evidence That Nanotechnology Can Make Workers Sick, by Robert Bowman on

Calculate Your ROI on Halogen Talent Management

If You’re Not Afraid, You’re Not Paying Attention by Jacob Picart on LinkedIn

Employees Not As Happy With Their Workplaces Or Benefits, Unum Finds, on

Nearly Three-Quarters of Americans Are Interested in Diverse Benefits Available With Annuities, According to Phoenix Companies Survey, on

How withdrawal liability could be your employer client’s biggest threat, by Melissa A. Winn on Employe Benefit Advisor

The Small Employer’s Guide to Dental Coverage under the ACA, a free webinar on Employee Benefit Advisor

3 Questions to Defuse Office Arguments, by Jessica Stillman on

How to Motivate an Underperforming Employee, by Will Yakowicz on

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