Hiring Millennials?

We have found that Forbes is a rich source of information for employers hiring millennials into their workforces.  Following are opportunities highlighted in Forbes articles that can help leaders to invest in and better understand today’s young people.


financial-literacy free to use commercially from bing


Failure To Follow Up: The Sad Truth About Millennial Financial Literacy, by Robert Farrington, describes a critical need of millennials, that we believe is also a need of today’s workforce overall.  It’s one that, left unresolved, can kill productivity and create health issues.  It’s financial literacy.  Click the link (above in green) to read the article in full.

Then, contact us for a referral to a highly reputable financial training provider. 

This type of development is an economical investment in your people that can pay dividends to your organization in the form of employee focus, engagement, and performance. 

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